Contoh Drama Bahasa Inggris 5 Orang

Berikut ini adalah contoh dialog drama dalam bahasa Inggris untuk dimainkan oleh 5 orang pemeran.

Drama can be played by several actors, including 5 people. As this article is a reference how to write a drama text to 5 players. Dialog drama 5 people alone can be a short drama dialogues, screenplay and also plays a long duration.

Friends of drama lovers, this time I would like to share an example script for a short drama 5 players. Hopefully the following example drama scripts useful to you, and you can use as a source of inspiration for you in preparing a play.

Drama Scripts 5 Players

Title: About Honesty
Theme: Social
Length: Short
Characterizations: Nuril (good), Ahsan (not good), Iba (not good), Glenn (good), Tasya (honest)

Synopsis Drama Script 

Nuril, Ahsan, Iba, Glenn, and Michael Jackson are five friends who have been friends since they were little. On that day the park disebuah Nuril lost his wallet, then he asked Ahsan and Iba if they find her purse. Then, Ahsan and Iba said to him that they did not see any wallet fall when they were in the park.

Text Dialog Drama 

San, you yesterday I saw a wallet, no? because I lost wallet, and the wallet seemed to fall around the park.

No, I did not find your wallet.

Yes, I also do not see the wallet. Your wallet there is a lot of money?

Not much, but it there is a lot of valuable goods inside the wallet.

Glenn felt like something was not right to put the suspicion to Ahsan and Iba, because at that time no one else in the park except for two of them.

Is it true you do not see Nuril wallet? the latter is not the garden yesterday there was only the two of you.

So you're accusing me?!

Of course I did not accuse you! I'm just want to make sure whether you see it or not.

If you do not accuse, do not like that tone! You can ask it well.

See Ahsan, Iba and Glenn were strained, Nuril was trying to break the ice.

Oh well .. already .. no need to be discussed again, maybe my wallet does not fall in the garden. Anyways if Ahsan and Iba sure that they also found it telling me.

Ahsan & Iba: Yes, it's true!

Time has seen growing dusk. Four of them were soon return home each of the villages where they live.

It's almost night .. let's go home ...

Yes, let's go home.

When they went for the walk home, suddenly there came Tasya. Trisha was asked his friends were, what they were doing there.

You're what? it seems there is a new "important meeting?"

No, you are such a course. Yes plain, ordinary fellow right together and talk to each other.

Then Glenn explained how the real issues to Trisha. Glenn told Trish about Nuril wallet missing.

Well, it fell Nuril wallet. Estimated Nuril fall of the park, and as far as I was last seen yesterday at the park was just there Ahsan and Iba, so ask your Nuril Ahsan and Iba, but they do not see the wallet.

Instantly Tasya remember, that as he passed in front of the park yesterday he saw Ahsan and Iba was holding a purse. Trisha also ask it to Ahsan and Iba.

You really do not see Nuril wallet?

No, I do not see. I saw it when I return to him for sure.

Yes, we really did not see it.

Continues that you hold and you check the contents wallet yesterday who? far as I know you have not been put on the wallet, right?

Iba and Ahsan immediately fell silent and could not say anything. He did not think that it turned out Tasya know.

Drama Script Example 5 People - To be CONTINUED (Wait for the Update) 

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