Contoh Drama Tentang Puasa Ramadhan

Sobat drama lovers, kali ini saya kembali akan share sebuah contoh teks dialog drama dalam bahasa Inggri, yaitu contoh dialog drama seputar kewajiban berpuasa pada bulan Ramadhan. Naskah drama bahasa Inggris tentang puasa dibawah ini adalah naskah drama pendek.

This time I wanted to share an example of a play about the month of Ramadan where in this holy month all Muslims / Moslem is required to run fast (except for the absent).

The example text drama surrounding the obligation of fasting the month of Ramadan following is a short drama dialogue or short plays that you can add own dialogue if it was you needed.

Drama Title: Liability of Fasting in Ramadan
Theme: Religion
Total drama cast: 4 people
Characterizations: Mukhlis (religious), Faith (less religious), Lani (less religious), Yati (religious & lightening)

Synopsis of drama 

Is a sincere person who likes to worship, especially in the holy month of Ramadan. While Faith and Lani is a figure that is less concerned with religious values​​. Yati is a figure that is very broad minded, and always provide enlightenment and encouragement to his friends to do something good, including the worship of fasting.

Dialogue of drama

Man, you are not fasting tomorrow?

Yes, fasting, tomorrow it already entered the first day of Ramadan?!

Yeah I know, so I asked with you. If you have not entered the month of fasting, why should I nanya.

You too fast, right?

Not to know too, because I often do not stand restrain hunger.

Lani suddenly echoed Faith and Mukhlis conversation.

I'm not fasting!

Then Mukhlis asked Lani

Why do you intend not fasting? Is not that a sin?!

Yes could I do, I'm not hungry all day hold back strong.

If you want to train themselves, let alone one day, more than a day you do not eat strong. Moreover, not fast without any hitch that's sinful.

Faith, too, echoed

That's her problem, obstacle because we were so hungry it did not hold back strong.

Kan had been I say, if you want to try to train yourself, you must be strong. I guarantee it!

Then came Yati to them then give enlightenment.

Hey, what's this? It seems again on a serious talk?

This, I nanya to them both, what is not fasting tomorrow, because tomorrow it's already entered the first day of the month of Ramadan.

Continue? Surely they're both fast, right? Yeah right, Lan, Man?

Mukhlis also give an answer to that Faith and Lani Yati not hold the hungry and thirsty throughout the day.

They both are still in doubt, even if Lani had intended for not fasting because it is not able to.

Well, the holy fasting month of Ramadan is obligatory. Anyone who does not want to run fast without any hindrance, then later in the hereafter they will get the punishment.

correct it, listen to it what was said by Yati, Man, Lan!!

Well, now here's the deal .. to be fasting all day up to 30 days it takes intention, therefore, that first of all you have to intention, and are confident that we will be able to endure hunger and thirst. You have to exercise, then you will definitely get used.

Faith and Lani also receive advice from Yati

Yes, if it's not fast it means we do not run the religious orders ..

Yes, you're right.

Well, if so starting tomorrow I will try his best to remain abstinent even though I feel hungry.

Yeah, me too.

Good it. Remember, fasting is a lot of benefits. Both benefit the world and in the hereafter. By fasting we can feel how the fate of the poor people who do not always get to eat, we also may be able to help myself personally, etc..

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That is an example of short plays about the obligation of fasting in the month of Ramadan, may be useful to you.

Naskah drama bahasa di Inggris diatas hasil terjemahan otomatis, jadi tata bahasanya tidak teratur. Anda bisa membenahinya sendiri jika skenarionya sama dengan yang Anda kehendaki.
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Post title: Contoh Drama Tentang Puasa Ramadhan
Written by: Lika Amalia

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