Contoh Naskah Drama Bahasa Inggris Untuk 4 Orang

Berikut ini merupakan contoh teks drama bahasa Inggris untuk 4 orang yang mungkin bermanfaat bagi Anda.

Friends of drama lover, this time Admin would like to share an example script for a short drama plays you in the hopes that I will share below can not give a source of inspiration for you in finding appropriate ideas or grooves drama you need.

As we know, the subject of the drama performance is dependent on a number of things, and one of them is referring to the screenplay drama itself. If the text is well written drama dialogue as well as complete, then it will be easier for the cast of the drama.

A play which I will share the following is an example script for a short drama roles played by 4 people. All right, go ahead, for those who are looking for a reference sample of short plays for four people, please see the example below.

Short Drama Script Example

Title: Advice Friends About the Importance of Education
Theme: Social
Starring: Lubis, Erna, Jalil, Umrah
Character: Lubis (like play), Erna (like carried by the influence of friends), Jalil (activist), Pilgrimage (diligent students).

Synopsis Teen Drama

Jalil and Umrah on that day seek to provide insight to the other two, namely Erna and Lopez about how education is far more important than doing activities that are just a waste of time.

Dramatic dialogue

Tomorrow Sunday you going? There must be an outing you?!

Do not know .. I have not had a plan for where-where.

If I want to stay at home alone. I learned better than the road here and there are no clear directions.

Yes, I am also the same with Jalil. Instead of wandering is not clear, it is better to learn alone at home.

Jali and Umrah is different with Lopez and Erna. Jalil and Umrah is a figure of the studious teenager and always prioritize education.

Sunday you still used for learning?! it during the seven days that we only had a day to calm down, why should also be used for learning.

Yes, yes they are this avidly. Though studied for six days that's also been more than enough.

Umrah then lays them both, how education is far more important than play or hang out in this case is not necessarily the direction.

Vacationing it is necessary .. we certainly do feel saturated if every day just studying and learning, but we must remember that with many learn that will make us smart kid.

Yes, I agree with you, Umrah. Anyway, I was not forbid if you want the road, but he wants you to stay focused I was at school. Do not most wandering, while you ignore education.

Who says I ignore education. I also learned .. but you guys are more diligent ..

That's right, from now on you have to give more time for you to learn the process so that later you can pass the value of the property.

Lubis was made thoughtfully by his friend's advice (how they are very concerned with education rather than playing) Lopez whispered to myself.

Okay, I accept your input. It looks like what you tell it's true. From now on I should be more care with education.

Well yes yes .. why do I have to waste a lot of time for purposes that are not obviously so, while education should I give a lot of attention even be neglected.

Okay, that's an example of short plays teenager that I can share the opportunity posting educational articles about the drama script this time, hopefully the drama text example above is useful to you.

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Post title: Contoh Naskah Drama Bahasa Inggris Untuk 4 Orang
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